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Amazon Alexa app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 144 ratings )
Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
Current version: 2.2.886.0, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 10 Dec 2014
App size: 143.8 Mb

For Alexa device owners, the free Amazon Alexa App is a companion to your Alexa device for setup, remote control, and enhanced features. Alexa is always ready to play your favorite music, provide weather and news updates, answer questions, create lists, and much more. Alexas brain is in the cloud, so she continually learns and adds more functionality over time. The more you use Alexa, the more she adapts to your voice, vocabulary, and personal preferences.

With Smart Home, control or check status of your smart lights at home and on-the go. Create groups of smart lights and control all the lights in a room with a single command. Automate your smart home with custom Routines - with one command you can wake up with your Flash Briefing, turn on the lights, and get the coffee brewing by turning on your smart plug.

With the Alexa App, you can call and message Amazon Echo device owners and anyone with the Alexa App on their phone. When you’re away from home, use the app to make a quick call or send a message to your family’s Echo. Use Drop In to instantly connect with your Alexa devices to a call home or to let the family know it’s time for dinner.

Stream all of your music, listen to radio stations, and have access to news and information, all by voice -- or with the Amazon Alexa App. Create groups of devices on the same Wi-Fi network to surround yourself with Music.

Interactions with devices with Alexa are automatically mirrored visually on your Amazon Alexa App, providing more information as you want it. The Amazon Alexa App lets you easily manage your alarms, music, shopping lists, and more -- wherever you are.

Connect to your homes Wi-Fi network using the free Amazon Alexa App, with its simple guided setup. Now you can stream all of your music, listen to radio stations, and have access to news and information, all by voice -- or with the Amazon Alexa Apps intuitive interface.
Some features are not available in all locations, for example, Alexa calling and messaging, Smart Home controls, and Music.

Pros and cons of Amazon Alexa app for iPhone and iPad

Amazon Alexa app good for

Got the echo last week and had planned to set it up this past weekend, when I had time to deal with hassles. Particularly I was concerned about this app, having read negative reviews. The weekend got away from me, as it often does, and I was kicking myself this morning, thinking I wouldnt have time until next week. However, I had downloaded the app, so I decided to just plug in the echo and at least see what I might have to deal with. Within 3 minutes I was listening to Amazon Prime music and checking out the weather. Im not sure why others had trouble; and admittedly that was all I had time to try, so maybe I will encounter more problems later. But I have to say, it takes longer for me to pick out clothes for the day than it took me to get the app and echo going. So for ease of set up alone, Im giving it the full 5 stars.
App is super easy to use and the Amazon Echo/Alexa is so amazing. Highly recommend :)
This app works fine. There arent any problems. Fear not. I dont understand the negative ratings. There are many people who just like to complain about everything, I suppose. As I said, fear not. This app works very well with Alexa. I have a Fire tablet. The apps are exactly the same. Enjoy your Echo!
An equalizer would greatly improve the sound. Without it, the sound is substandard. Otherwise the app is good.

Some bad moments

Sucks, sucks, sucks so bad. I love it when it works 2 times out of 20.. won't save my hotspot, won't hookup to wifi until you've tried all day, really really bad app...
Having major problems with the Alexa App. For the umpteenth time whilst out shopping toda, I opened the Alexa App to be confronted with the set-up routine and no way of accessing my shopping list. Both my echo dots are running fine and connected to the Internet. This is very poor, I tried signing out and back in to no avail and reinstalled the app. I just keep getting back to the set-up screen.
Who can we complain to to get help??? Frustrating. App list works sometimes only when no internet. Freezes constantly. Cannot even delete the correct things now from my list manually. What gives Amazon Customer Service? Amazin even check these reviews?
I really wanted this to work. Despite reading all these bad reviews i went out and bought the Echo Dot and downloaded the app. It took me forever to get the app to load on my phone and its still trying to load on my tablet. I reset everything multiple times and It! Maybe its my internet that sucks but honestly I can't afford to waste anymore time trying to get it up and working. The Echo is going back to the store and the app is being erased.
Tried turning on voice ordering and the app caused major issues with my iPhone. My buttons stopped working and I couldn't even turn the phone off. Just a black screen. My only option was to factory reset my iPhone but I wasn't even able to do a backup first, so lost 4 months of data from my phone because of this Alexa App - Christmas pics, texts, music and playlists in my music app). NOT COOL Amazon
App is horrible. Even though echo is setup and working. I can not use the app. Every time I open the app it wants to start at setup sucks!

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