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Sucks, sucks, sucks so bad. I love it when it works 2 times out of 20.. won't save my hotspot, won't hookup to wifi until you've tried all day, really really bad app...

Having major problems with the Alexa App. For the umpteenth time whilst out shopping toda, I opened the Alexa App to be confronted with the set-up routine and no way of accessing my shopping list. Both my echo dots are running fine and connected to the Internet. This is very poor, I tried signing out and back in to no avail and reinstalled the app. I just keep getting back to the set-up screen.

Who can we complain to to get help??? Frustrating. App list works sometimes only when no internet. Freezes constantly. Cannot even delete the correct things now from my list manually. What gives Amazon Customer Service? Amazin even check these reviews?

I really wanted this to work. Despite reading all these bad reviews i went out and bought the Echo Dot and downloaded the app. It took me forever to get the app to load on my phone and its still trying to load on my tablet. I reset everything multiple times and It! Maybe its my internet that sucks but honestly I can't afford to waste anymore time trying to get it up and working. The Echo is going back to the store and the app is being erased.

Tried turning on voice ordering and the app caused major issues with my iPhone. My buttons stopped working and I couldn't even turn the phone off. Just a black screen. My only option was to factory reset my iPhone but I wasn't even able to do a backup first, so lost 4 months of data from my phone because of this Alexa App - Christmas pics, texts, music and playlists in my music app). NOT COOL Amazon

Is there a way to rate the app as 0?

App is horrible. Even though echo is setup and working. I can not use the app. Every time I open the app it wants to start at setup sucks!

Yes I have the same issue. Is there a solution?

Yes I have the same issue. Is there a solution?

This app is terrible. Constantly asks to re set up from beginning even though alexa is connected to wifi and working. This whole device is terrible. Taking it back and i just bought it today. No time for this kind of trouble.

This app is terrible. Constantly asks to re set up from beginning even though alexa is connected to wifi and working. This whole device is terrible. Taking it back and i just bought it today. No time for this kind of trouble.

One of the worst apps I have come accross for crashes--- wanted to connect and disconnect between calls at work via app but app crashes unpredictably

The app is woeful, but what really gets me is the fact that I can't get through a single news briefing without it cutting off and saying that it lost connection. I pay good money for great internet speed. There is no reason for the dot to lose connection to the Internet so often while all of my other devices are just fine. Infuriating.

So Bad

App is stuck. Why cant Amazon get this right? Echo is great idea with poor execution.

Alexa cant connect to TuneIn

Alexa cant connect to TuneIn. It echoes back my streaming request but then it goes silent. I can stream directly through the TuneIn app, so something is going on with Alexas access to it. This started this evening (7pm PDT). It was streaming fine earlier. No Alexa updates that I saw. Fix it please!

Waste of money

This app is terrible. The layout is weird and the time it takes to load up and do anything is enough time to make the Alexa itself pointless. It rarely hears what Im saying in my small 1 bedroom apartment and when it does it a lot of the time gets it wrong. Another problem is Bluetooth, I bought an "Alexa recommended speaker" and it still doesnt connect. I cant buy Amazon products anymore.

Disappointing app

The echo is great, the app to control it is not. I have the tap, dot and echo. The app is clunky, and the interface is incredibly frustrating. Want to see how much batter life is left on the tap? You have to click through about 7 menus to find it. Want to quickly launch connected home? More menus. There is no way to set any favorites and the lack of a widget astounds me. I get the focus on voice, but many of the system settings still require the app. Given what the Amazon app is capable of, Im disappointed this hasnt gotten more love/modernization.


The new and most popular options went away and need to come back. Also a better review rating system is needed.

Great device, terrible app

The Amazon echo is a wonderful speaker, and the voice control is very good, better than Siri Id say. The app, however, needs reworking. The format is totally convoluted, frustrating, and not a good match for a product whose effectiveness tries so heavily upon it. Good job on the speaker Amazon but please fix your app

What happened?!?!

Have had my Tap speaker for almost two months. Was having an issue with Alexa telling me there was a "line in" and I couldnt do anything but do a hard reset on the speaker. Now Alexa is making me put my password in EVERY time I turn the app on!!! Never had to do that before. Was this an update of some sort?! Becoming agitated quickly!!!

How could they screw the app up so bad?

Ive only had my Echo for a day now and Im impressed with the device itself but this app is pretty shoddy work for a company like Amazon. It constantly locks up or fails to connect to the device. It also asks me to log back into my Amazon account constantly. I find myself having to force quit the app and start over almost every time I need to use it. Doesnt Amazon do any QA?


Nothing works anymore. Its unable to connect the app, loads nothing, says its not connected to anything. So frustrating.

App needs work

I love my Alexa but the app crashes often and sometimes just stops all together.

Doesnt Work At All

Completely crapped out on me. App gives me an error message and Alexa wont play anything. Worthless.

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